Saturday, 23 April 2011

Photos, buskers & burgers....

....After the exertion of the previous day, Kel & I slept in and had no real agenda. Despite that, we managed a fair amount. Our first point of call was to recruit Doug on our search for a local burger, that had suddenly become the only nourishment that mattered. We settled with a Gourmet Burger, (in an unusually, off peak, soulless Spitalfields), which actually hit the spot perfectly.

After our feed, we walked around to the Whitechapel Gallery, for the Paul Graham exhibition.

The show exhibits the British photographer's work from 1981 - 2006, which in it's entirety is a vast body of work, but on display was a carefully edited cross section.

[Photo from a series documenting Britain's jobless in the 80s]

I enjoyed the work, generally preferring his earlier photographs across Britain & Europe to those taken in the US. The vivid colour and often large scale printing of the imagery, gave many of the pieces an almost textural, painterly aspect that was startling.

House viewing: A couple view one of Graham's middle America shots, (c/o Doug)

Graham's documentation is a theme that he retains throughout, and where I find most success and reward in his work. 'A1 - The Great North Road (1981-82)' follows exactly that - be it photos of the road itself, or the characters met along the way.

Similarly in the latter project of this exhibition, 'A Shimmer of Possibility (2004-6)', Graham follows subjects in the US going about their every day life. But in doing so writes us a pictorial story, in to which we interject the narrative.

Pittsburgh, 2004

A good exhibition, but could have possibly been even more in depth.
Leaving, Doug, Kel & I retraced our steps along Brick Lane, to find Marques Toliver, (a recent discovery of mine through Jools Holland), busking to a small crowd.

The talented solo performer imparts his soulful voice to a string section of either individual violin or guitar. He sounded phenomenal, and we felt lucky to have stumbled across him. A real treat.

Kel & I stayed in for the rest of the evening - relaxing with dinner & a film. But another excellent day had.

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