Sunday, 19 September 2010


....Kelly and I had lunch at this pop-up restaurant in a disused warehouse in East London.

Hel Yes is an amalgamation of design and food from Helsinki, Finland, that is relocated here temporarily to coincide with this years London Design Festival. It is a cavernous space, filled with abundant tables and an open kitchen.

Sunday's brunch menu was limited in choice, but not in character and wonderful in taste - all served on mis-matched, reclaimed iittala crockery. (Previously, plates were traded in, in return for a free dinner. These plates were then used in Hel Yes.)

Our starters were a 'surprise', (not listed on the menu), but were fantastic.

Whitefish tartar with radish and rye bread croutons.

Roasted beetroot with sour cream and dill.

For main I went for Gravad lax - smoked salmon, potatoes with sour cream & fennel and cabbage. Kelly ate poached egg on 'mushroom hash', (which was a base of root vegetables and wild mushrooms with watercress).

Gravad Lax

Poached egg on mushroom hash.

Both were absolutely fantastic - nothing too fancy, simple Finnish food, well presented and well tasty. Regardless, however, it was the dessert I was most looking forward too - particularly as on this occassion one seemed so unusual to me. I chose the liquorice creme brulee and Kelly the whipped raspberry manna with vanilla milk.

Liquorice pudding

Raspberry Manna

The liquorice was incredible - much more subtle that I thought it might be. Like a creamy creme brulee with a wonderful aftertaste. Kelly's Manna was simply a mousse / sorbet with the slight quirk of a touch of milk added. It was really good too.

A fantastic meal, unique in it's taste as we had never eaten Scandinavian food before, but also unique in terms of the environment, We're very glad we got here before it vanishes again. Excellent.

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