Saturday, 1 October 2011


....Kel and I were excited to see this. Not least because we were watching it in the beautiful Tyneside Cinema, but also because we hadn't yet heard a bad word.

Drive, directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, is in a similar family to Bullitt or The Driver. Ryan Gosling, (who's name is never given), is the protagonist get away driver and fill-in stunt man, who's life in LA becomes more complex on meeting new neighbour Carey Mulligan, (Irene).

The art direction is fantastic - slick, stylish, sexy. Swooping and swooning shots of LA at night, noisy gear changes and electric pink italic copy fill the opening credits. We're in for a ride.

The Scorpion man

The relationship, (if you can call it that), between Gosling and Mulligan is quite spellbinding, leading to an opening hour of sexual tension, above gripping thriller.

The second hour, however, kicks in to gear, literally and is a violent, inescapable, captivating watch. It's the kind of film I want to be in. The kind of film I wish I'd directed. The kind of film I wish I owned already. Then I'd watch it over.

The finale leaves us guessing at what might be, (that could still be), but also leaving us totally satisfied. This should be seen. Now.

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