Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Stewart Lee....

....Tonight, Liam, Richie and I went to see Stewart Lee live at Leicester Square Theatre. I had long since forgotten him, from when he appeared on This Morning With Richard Not Judy, way back when. Only until he reappeared on BBC2 with his 'Comedy Vehicle' I remembered his genius.

His straight delivery, dark humour and surreal take on observations lead him to vitriolic and hilarious condemnation of Richard Hammond, those who emigrate, (abroad or to the countryside), for a 'better quality of life', the Michael McIntyre / Frankie Boyle / Paddy McGuinness comedy trio and many more.

Yet amongst all this, he comes across as a guy you'd have a beer with, a family man, but ultimately and most importantly, an incredibly funny one. His rambling story of how his family used the phrase, "I'll give it to you straight. Like pear cider, made from 100% pears," only for it to be ruined by a certain Magners ad, is a case in point of surreal fiction, sourced from contemporary culture that has the audience in the palm of his hands.

Moon on a stick! (back in the day)

To end the show, Lee descends in to and amongst the audience, mic left on stage to rant and rave, to keep us on our toes. Then on re-entry to the spotlight, he decides to pick up a guitar and sing, (very well), Steve Earl's 'Galway Girl'. Of course it is his favourite song....until good old Mr. Magner went and ruined it in one of his ads. Genius.

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