Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Up In The Air....

....Kelly and I went to see this last night after admitting our interest, nay, excitment, at the prospect.

Reading the press surrounding this Jason Reitman directed film, it is a romantic comedy for modern times. If by modern times they mean references to economic instabilty, an advocation for the single life and, ultimately, a harsh lesson learnt in love - then they are right.

The film actually serves as a lesson in life in some respects. Weighing heavily on the attributes of a family life, a life in love, a life shared with others - all conveyed through lead man George Clooney. As Ryan Bingham he travels the world, employed by spineless bosses, to relieve workers of their job. Also a small time public speaker, Bingham promotes a life that reflects his - one without emotional baggage - the only life he knows.

But on meeting equally well travelled Alex Goran, (Vera Farmiga), and attending his sister's wedding, Bingham begins to realise that perhaps there is a place for emotional ties after all. (Whereas his only previous goal in life was to reach 10 million air miles!)

Beautifully crafted and realised by Reitman, (of Juno fame), and lead impeccably by Clooney, the film is a triumph. In turns witty, melancholic and ultimately truthful. All washed along with a well thought and touching soundtrack, including Elliott Smith amongst others. A real winner, deserving of the Oscar hype, but in the quiet, unassuming kind of way! Go and see it.

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