Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Tokyo Story....

....I saw another film recently. A stark contrast to that reviewed in the post below. Yasujiro Ozu directed this simple, subtle, but affecting film in 1953. It follows an elderly couple who travel to Tokyo to visit their children and grandchildren - but are received with indifference and selfishness.

The direction is very deliberate. Not a single rolling camera shot throughout the whole film. Each scene is filmed from a locked off camera, placed almost on the floor, looking up at all before it.

It makes for a very even paced film, one that slowly builds in emotion but is almost resigned to ending in sadness. Which it does. I'd recommend seeing this film, but I'd do it on a cosy night in. A Sunday. When you're in a good mood. And you'll probably need to like photography, erm, and films that don't really say that much. (But beware, it's been mooted as a Masterpiece of its time).

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