Sunday, 20 June 2010

TBC Regents Park Relay II....

....The annual event is now in it's second year and despite a poor turnout, (for a variety of reasons), we pushed ahead with the race. With the prospect of food and drink in the park afterwards almost too appealing to wait for, we decided to simply compete in a single sprint of the inner circle. Fastest wins.

As per previous competitive TBC events, Chris took the honours, his saddle bestrode by some marvellous blue lycra. Gosh, he deserved it for fashion prowess alone. (Although Richie's rugby / lycra hybrid and Nick's Etonian cutting dash, were very close behind).

We retired to park for typically British nibbles, befriending local wild fowl and basking in a glorious sunset on the way.

The night went on later and boozier, but the photos stop there. Good stuff.

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