Sunday, 25 July 2010

Toy Story 3....

....I saw the final part of this wonderful trilogy on Sunday night with Kelly and my parents. None of us were disappointed.

In what is surely the most adult of the three, (in terms of humour, references and at times even relatively scary moments), the story is concluded as Woody, Buzz et al find a new home after Andy leaves for college. It is superbly written, incredibly animated, (Pixar will never fail to blow my socks off) and in case you wanted any more, it is showing in 3D. Although admirably, unlike, say Avatar, the picture isn't filmed to take advantage of this effect, in fact it can be just as easily enjoyed in 2D.

I would advise you to go and see at soon as possible, for the feature, but also the phenomenal and totally original 'Night & Day' short that precedes the main event. Truly, truly brilliant. I'd own & watch this trilogy a thousand times over before something like the Godfather. Fact.

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