Saturday, 2 October 2010

Foreign Counter attack....

....Kelly and I spent a vast majority of today at the Counter Cafe in Hackney Wick.

Aside from it being one of our favourites for breakfast and coffee, there was another purpose. Just over a week ago I was fortunate enough and honoured to win the Matt Elliott memorial award at AMV. In its second year and now named the Radiator Award, (for it is awarded to warm, hard working, smiling people - just like Matt), it is voted for by colleagues and amounts to a travel bursary for a two week holiday of a lifetime.

Matt Elliott

I was flabbergasted and immensely lucky to win. I have thought about little else since - and neither has Kelly after it was revealed that the trip is for two and she is my chosen one. It is an award borne out of tragic circumstances, but one that serves as a reminder to Matt's wonderful personality and love for the outdoors. More information about Matt can be found here.
Kelly and I have whittled it down, we think, to Argentina, Peru and Brazil. We are extending the two weeks to a month and plan to leave straight after Christmas. Needless to say we are excited. Just a bit. So, after a marvellous hearty breakfast, we pulled out the laptop and surfed for hours.

Scrambled egg with tomato, basil & chorizo


Kel at work, (sort of).

The cafe has a striking contrast - from the interior kitchen with great food, to the out-buildings that house the toilets. Here, the space seems to have it's own unique ecosystem!

Kelly and I are looking to book the holiday within the next month, so will update everyone on what we decide. Once again, a huge thank you to AMV for the generosity of the award and to Matt's family for their positivity and spirit in such adversity.

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