Saturday, 24 April 2010

Towpath Cafe....

....I visited the relatively newly opened Towpath Cafe this morning. A new venture from esteemed Italian-American food writer Lori De Mori (author of 'The Real Flavour of Tuscany', among others) and her husband, the equally esteemed food photographer Jason Lowe.

It's a beautiful setting - right on the Regents Canal front, at a relatively quieter section of it, just in front of De Beauvoir. Sitting there in the sun I ordered a couple of coffees - wonderfully dark & bitter - and a granola, stewed fruit and yoghurt breakfast. Fantastic. The only thing missing was a newspaper to mull over.

The service was incredibly friendly and welcoming and it is a spot that doubles as an amazing viewing platform for all the passing runners, dog walkers and cyclists - many of whom double-take at the sudden emergence of such a lovely cafe.

The Towpath has recently extended it's hours, (specifically on a Thursday), but I urge you to visit and get there early. Seats are limited and it is busy by 10am, particularly on these glorious sunny mornings that we are currently being afforded.

Aside from breakfast food, they have a lunch menu and snacks in the evening. They have an alcohol liscence and even a little bike repair shop attached, called Route Canal(!)

Get yourself down there, but don't steal my spot in the sun.

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