Sunday, 28 March 2010

Mark Warren Jacques (again)....

....I posted a blog about this artist back in December.


I subsequently decided to commission him to paint a personal piece for me. To be honest, I didn't really know how to do this, so I emailed him direct asking to buy a work, but instead he recommended it made more (financial) sense, to commission him.

The resultant painting. (but keep on reading!)

So, I set about an email detailing what work of his I liked, (all of it), and what I liked in art, design, fashion, TV - anything that when written down could be said to represent me as a person. Mark responded, passionately embracing all I had described, as it was pretty much all that inspired him anyway. I knew I was on to a winner. I gave a deposit and left him to it, until a couple of weeks back he got in touch again. Did I want to see the finished work before it was shipped over? Nope, just send it on. I trust you.


And then the following week, a huge box was sitting by my work desk one and I unwrapped it instantly. I wasn't disappointed. Mark had made me a piece that uses paint, collage, pencil and importantly remains in many ways consistent with all of his work that had convinced me to commission him in the first place. The painting is MWJ's first to use a diamond, and as he gleefully wrote in an email to me, has proved the catalyst for a full set of diamond paintings for his next solo exhibition.

So, we are both happy. I have my first original piece of art from an artist who I think is great and I hope goes on to further success.

(and he even signed it and wrote a message in a uniquely MWJ way!)


Abi said...

SO so sad to read this! I commissioned a piece from MWJ back in April this year- had the same experience in that we chatted about inspiration and everything seemed SO perfect.. I was SO excited!

I paid half up front with the agreement that I'd pay the other half when my painting arrived. Had a few emails to say it's on it's way, look out for something in the post next week etc etc..

It's now mid September and my painting still isn't here.. MWJ has stopped answering my emails and paypal refuses to issue a refund.

It looks like you were really lucky, treasure your original MWJ.. but for anyone else thinking of commissioning a piece, pls be careful to not let the 45 day paypal agreement pass.. I hope I've not been cheated and that there's some kind of misunderstanding, but 5 months later I just feel like an idiot.

Abi said...

This is obviously a magic blog.. I posted my previous comment and instantly got a message through the door saying my painting was at the post office!! Everything I'd wanted and more, it's beautiful.. Granted it took 5 months to arrive but what the hey :)